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Welcome to Locksmith Service Addison, where we proudly serve the customers of Addison, Texas, providing expert mobile staff commercial locksmith specialists eminently qualified to manage your lock replacements on a daily basis, so we’re looking forward to helping you, too!

We’ll provide you with added peace of mind, knowing that your present lock mechanisms have been correctly altered so only your new keys will function in them going forward.

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When you must restrict access to your commercial property from particular individuals, we’ll determine the right solution for your needs:

  • If you’ve fired someone, then you won’t want that former employee to gain access back into your facility in the future.
  • Did you move your business into a new commercial building? Obviously it’s a good idea to replace all the locks, since it’s entirely possible that your property’s former tenants might still be in possession of their old keys.
  • Have you landed upon some new security issues lately? Bring all your questions and concerns to us, and we’ll share our expertise so you can make smart choices.

Schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation. Or, if trouble arises, you’re invited to take advantage of our 24/7 emergency services. It’s Locksmith Service Addison to the rescue!

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